Mumbai Cricket Association to Accept the Lodha Panel's Recommendations on Transparency and Ethics

Justice Lodha
Lodha panel suggested that one Association of each state will be a full member and will have the right to vote.


The Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) dropped hints that it was not comfortable with many recommendations made by Justice Lodha Panel on the Board of Control for Cricket in India reforms but was willing to accept suggestions on transparency. (Lodha Panel’s Top 10 Commandments to BCCI: One State One Association, Come Under RTI)

The MCA held its managing committee meeting and discussed the 159-page report, submitted by the three-member Lodha Panel to the Supreme Court and the BCCI.

MCA is headed by 75-year-old Sharad Pawar and if recommendations were to be implemented in letter and spirit, the politician will have to relinquish his post since the suggestions do not allow any person above 70 years to hold an administrative post in BCCI or its affiliated units. (Lodha Panel Recommendations Good for Indian Cricket: Anil Kumble)

“There are certain clauses of administrative and cricketing operations for which the association shall forward its views to the BCCI as advised by them,” MCA joint secretary PV Shetty said in a statement.

“The Managing Committee met to deliberate on the recommendations of the Lodha Committee and decided to accept the recommendations for transparency and ethics,” he added. (Board of Control for Cricket in India Fret Over Lodha Panel Recommendations)

When asked how MCA views the circumstances, leading up to the current scenario where the judiciary had to intervene and ask for a clean-up, Pawar said, “One thing is clear, administrators are not responsible for this situation.”

Pawar categorically rejected the suggestions that affiliated units, which will lose vote, should host tennis and hockey matches in their respective stadiums.

“That is not practical because sizes of tennis (courts) and all are different. There are practical difficulties,” Pawar said.

Lodha panel has pointed out that in the BCCI not all states of India are represented and some states, including Maharashtra, are over-represented.

As such the panel has proposed the policy of ‘One State – One Member – One Vote’.

Source: NDTV

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