Nevill run out off Zampa's nose

Peter Nevill took time to check on Adam Zampa and his bleeding nose before walking off © Cricket Australia/Getty Images

The BBL prides itself on innovation, but who would have thought it could conjure up a new way of getting out? Somehow, however, it’s done just that, as Adam Zampa ran out Peter Nevill in extraordinary fashion in the Melbourne derby at Docklands Stadium.

Zampa bowled the second ball of his third over to Dwayne Bravo, who drove it firmly down the ground. Nevill, the non-striker, was stood out of his ground and the ball deflected powerfully off his bat, which was in his left hand, and squirted up towards the bowler. It hit Zampa, who was moving to his right to field the ball, square on the nose, and deflected onto the stumps.

At first, Nevill’s concern was for the wellbeing of Zampa’s nose, but he was perhaps the only person in the stadium who immediately knew he was out, and he after ascertaining that the bowler was fine, began to wander off the field. On in his place came a doctor to patch Zampa up.

Naturally, this was an incident enjoyed by the internet. “What an extraordinary run out!” tweeted seasoned commentator Mike Haysman, while former England wicketkeeper Alec Stewart was keen for his beloved Chelsea to get Zampa on their books after heading the ball: “Transfer window is open,” he tweeted, “who will sign up Adam Zampa after that great header to run out Nevill!”

While initially looking in some discomfort Zampa evidently wasn’t too perturbed, picking himself up and, two balls later, dismissing Aaron Ayre lbw for a golden duck on debut.

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