The Lodha committee's recommendations on the BCCI

A sequence of events starting from the IPL 2013 spot-fixing scandal reached its logical conclusion when the three-member Lodha panel submitted its report on the functioning of the BCCI to the Supreme Court on January 4, 2016. Here’s what the panel recommended, and reactions to the same.

January 4, 2015

News – Lodha panel recommends severe BCCI shake-up
News – Manohar, Thakur in potential conflict situations
News – Lodha panel recommends forming players’ association
News – Selection panel to be smaller, more empowered
News – For transparency and oversight, RTI and independent watchdogs
News – IPL COO Raman let off due to lack of ‘cogent evidence’
Quotes – The most damning bits of the report: ‘No caution taken to protect the sport from the orgy of excess’
Video – Amrut Joshi, sports law expert: Potentially game-changing recommendations
Video – Joshi: Players’ association not just for collective bargaining
Video – ‘Restricting state association voting rights good move’
Video – ‘Recommendations on conflict of interest well considered’
Video – Ugra: Test record doesn’t amount to selection pedigree

January 5

Ugra: What the Lodha panel has done
News – Former India selectors question Lodha proposals on selection

For a timeline of how the IPL fixing case led to the Lodha recommendations, click here.

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