Afghanistan v Pakistan: clashes in stands, fans evicted

At least two fans have been evicted from the match at Headingley after clashes broke out between the Pakistan and Afghanistan fans in the stands. Actual physical clashes to this degree are unheard of in the stands in modern ICC events. There had been clashes between the fans outside the stadium before the match began, and it also carried on outside after the eviction.

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Around an hour into the match, clashes broke out between the two sets of fans in the Carnegie Pavilion Stand. Security personnel had to intervene, and a few of the fans had to be evicted from the stadium. As the melee continued outside the stadium, journalists trying to film the scenes were also assaulted.

In a possibly related incident, before the start of the match, a few fans were seen entering the premises illegally by jumping the boundary wall.

More to follow…

Source: ESPN Crickinfo

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