Missing scorer leads to last-minute call up for Australia-Pakistan match

Match organisers in Taunton were forced to turn to the press box when it became apparent they were missing a scorer for the World Cup match between Pakistan and Australia.

Moments before the toss, James Emmerson – a stewardship officer with the Church of England – was asked to deputise when it became apparent that one of the official scorers wasn’t going to arrive. The original choice claims he had no knowledge he was expected to score the game.

Emmerson is no stranger to scoring. His detailed scorecards and knowledge of statistics make him a popular figure in the press box, where he has worked from time to time as the media’s scorer, while he has previously deputised as an official scorer for two Tests and an ODI at Old Trafford when the Lancashire scorer has been busy on county duty. In one of those Tests he demonstrated the unflappable temperament which served him so well in Taunton by somehow managing not to miss a single delivery despite his fellow scorer vomiting heavily over both him and his scorebook during play.

Remarkably, Emmerson managed not just to fulfil his duties as official scorer in Taunton (alongside Gloucestershire stalwart Keith Gerrish, who was the other official scorer) but fulfil his original role keeping the media updated on any items of statistical interest as they arose.

“He did an amazing job in tough circumstances,” Sally Donoghue, the Chief Operating Officer at Somerset told ESPNcricinfo. “It was all very last minute, but he was very calm and seemed to enjoy every minute of it.”

Emmerson said: “I did enjoy it. It was a great honour to score such a prestigious match and I hope I gave a good account of myself.”

Source: ESPN Crickinfo

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