Shagarah Panthers take the Bronze title

Cousins CC went in to bat against Shagarah Panthers, and the openers set up an excellent foundation for the team, scoring 20 runs despite offering a simple catch in the third over. The second pair played along the ground and took singles comfortably. But then, in the sixth over, the batsmen wishing to be more aggressive played erratic shots to lose three wickets.

Shagarah may have sensed the panic in Cousins batting – they kept losing wickets at regular intervals – and some sharp fielding ensured that batsmen had to stick to singles; any attempts at doubles were ending in run-outs, which resulted in Cousins managing just an easy target of 46.

Cousins, whose bowling is their strength, subdued the opening partnership, taking a wicket in the first over. But, knowing the target was very achievable, Shagarah batted sensibly, playing no aerial shots and avoiding the risk of run-outs. Still, an excellent direct hit effected the only run-out of the innings in 11th over.

The match got a touch close in the end, but Shagarah eventually got past the target.

Source: ESPN Crickinfo

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