Falcon-B knock out Fanatics

Batting first, Falcon opener Avin offered a simple catch at long-on, but managed to survive and he, along with Muder, put up 14 runs in partnership.

Kazi and Jatin went on to speed up the scoring, making 22 between them. Karan and Deepak took valuable singles without much risk. The last pair of Barry and Varun took valuable singles and kept the score ticking. The innings ended with the score at 67.

Fanatics started off excellently: Sethu and Vikas scored 19 without losing any wicket. They were in total control of the game till the fifth over, but then wickets kept falling in every over to reduce their chances of winning. The remaining pairs’ partnerships didn’t exceed eight runs which eventually brought their innings to an end at 40. Falcons held their nerve to see themselves through to the final. An all-round performance from Deepak was key to their win.

Source: ESPN Crickinfo

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