Dhaka Premier League players set for BCB contracts

Legally-binding contracts are in the offing for players in the Dhaka Premier Division Cricket League © Raton Gomes/BCB

The BCB has promised that the players’ contracts with the clubs in the Dhaka Premier Division Cricket League will be legally binding and that payments would be guaranteed. The country’s most prestigious domestic tournament is set to begin later this month with the “players by choice” draft taking place on Sunday.

BCB’s senior vice-president Mahbubul Anam, who has also been appointed as the commissioner for the “players by choice” draft, said it will be the first time that such a system has been introduced to the Dhaka Premier League. For the last four decades, clubs and players have relied on verbal guarantees or, at best, a signed piece of paper on the club’s pad.

The BCB felt that there was a need for a guarantee as there had been allegations that clubs had skimped on making full payments in the 2014 season, the last time the “players by choice” system was employed.

“For the first time the Dhaka Premier League players will come under the BCB’s contract,” Anam said. “These will be signed by both the players and the clubs. We believe in professionalism, being an ICC Full Member. The mandatory contracts will be under the law of the land.”

“In addition, the clubs will have to give a post-dated cheque to the BCB to protect the players’ payment. BCB has a responsibility towards the players who will get 30% ahead of the tournament, 30% during the tournament the rest of the money, 40%, within four weeks after the tournament. We hope that we can maintain the financial discipline.”

Bangladesh’s top 12 to 15 cricketers have been under an annual central contract for the past decade. Since 2013, the BCB has also brought first-class cricketers under its books. The Dhaka Premier League said its payment slabs won’t exceed Tk 30 lakh.

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