Marylebone Cricket Club To Try Red Card System In Order to Curb Excessive Sledging in Cricket

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A red card, which is associated more with football and rugby, might soon be trialled out in cricket by the Marylebone Cricket Club.


Cricketers might get red cards for bad behaviours in future as the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) is trying a new red card system in some amateur games to reduce excessive sledging and violent behavior by players. (More Cricket News)

As many as five games were abandoned in England last year due to violence and MCC has decided to take some action after consulting with umpire associations around the globe, Fraser Stewart, the head of laws at cricket’s governing body, said.

“Thankfully most games of cricket do pass very happily with all 22 players and the umpire getting on very well but sadly there has been a rise in the number of games in the UK that had to be abandoned due to violence,” he was quoted as saying in BBC.

“A level four offence, which might result in a player being asked to leave the field, includes threatening an umpire, physical assault of another player or any act of violence on the field of play,” he added.

Stewart further said: “Statistics from leagues show there are increased numbers of players being reported. Last summer, five games had to be abandoned due to varying degrees of violence.

“That is an increase, for sure. It was felt that now was a good time to review this whole area and perhaps try and find leagues, competitions and schools willing to trial means that act as a deterrent,” he was quoted as saying by the

Source: NDTV

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