Anderson meets school kids to Better Cricket

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James Anderson and a group of primary school student might have just come up with future innovations for the game of cricket.

If you ever wanted confetti to be sprayed everywhere instead of the bails flying or the prospect of a Gladiator-style ‘blocker’ preventing run-making then the young students who met Anderson, as part of a new advert with England and Wales Cricket Board partner Toyota, have it all covered.

The rule makers in the halls of power at the International Cricket Council might even take notice of an idea to double the value of fours and sixes in the last over of a match or even the notion to allow keepy-uppies before smashing the ball.

England’s all-time leading Test wicket-taker was certainly impressed with the ideas, as part of the #BetterCricket promotion, which Toyota has thrown open to the public after the inspiration of the young free thinkers in their ad.

Source: ECB

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