Mumbai Cricket Association Shoots Down Motion for Debate on Justice Lodha Committee Suggestions

Justice Lodha
Lodha panel suggested that one Association of each state will be a full member and will have the right to vote.


Mumbai: A proposed motion to be moved by two of its affiliated units to discuss the sweeping reforms recommended in BCCI by the Justice Lodha panel at its Annual General Meeting on Friday has been shot down by the Mumbai Cricket Association.(MCA to Accept the Lodha Panel’s Recommendations on Transparency and Ethics)

The proposed resolution reads: “Resolved that this General Body of the Mumbai Cricket Association welcomes all the recommendations of the Lodha Committee appointed by the Hon. Supreme Court of India to improve the function of the BCCI and its State Associations.

“Further resolved that this general body directs the managing committee of the Mumbai Cricket Association to implement forthwith all the suggestions and recommendations of the Lodha Committee pertaining to the State Associations.”

However, the notice of motion proposed by SR Halbe of the Oriental Cricket Club and seconded by Ravi Mandrekar of the Gaud Saraswat CC has been rejected by MCA’s joint secretaries P V Shetty and Unmesh Khanvilkar.

The reason given by the two MCA office-bearers to the member clubs is that the “Managing Committee has already met on the matter and has in principle accepted the suggestions made in respect of Transparency and Ethics by the (Supreme Court-appointed Justice) Lodha Committee.

“We have certain points pertaining to issues related to some suggestions of the committee, which may directly affect the interest of our Association, which we need to protect,” the two joint secretaries have said in their notice to the member clubs.

“It must be understood that the Lodha Committee presented their report to the Supreme Court as its recommendation for BCCI. The BCCI in turn has sent the report to us for our views.

“The Managing Committee, along with the Legal Committee, shall draft an appropriate report and forward the same to BCCI for their consideration. Hence, the Managing Committee is of the opinion that this motion need not be moved at this juncture,” Shetty and Khanvilkar have written.

The MCA Managing Committee, headed by President Sharad Pawar, had met on January 13 to discuss the Justice Lodha panel’s recommendations submitted to the Supreme Court and later issued a media statement that it was willing to accept suggestions on transparency.

“There are certain clauses of administrative and cricketing operations for which the association shall forward its views to the BCCI as advised by them,” Shetty and Khanvilkar said in the joint statement after the meeting.

The Managing Committee deliberated on the recommendations of the Lodha Committee at the meeting “and decided to accept the recommendations for transparency and ethics,” they added in the statement.

Source: NDTV

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